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so, diseases
this topic is rarely ever talked about in the snail care takers community ,, because diseases dont happen that often and many people think you cant do much about it. that is not true.
personally, i think its important to know about diseases so you can identify them early on and help your snail! no one wants their snail to die :(
so ,, i tried my best to gather the most importatnt information about snail diseases ,,
i hope these can help you !!! ^^

deep retraction syndrome (dont mind the q n a template ,, its just copy pasted from the q n a page because i was too lazy to rewrite it )
Q: what is deep retraction syndrome/drs?
A: "If your snail retract so far back into the shell that the foot is no longer visible by the outer lip, something is wrong. This issue is usually a symptom of something else, and often the behaviour of the snail changes along with it. The snail can stop eating, be less active and loose weight."

Q: what are some symptoms of drs?
A: early symptoms:
loss of appetite. less activity, long periods spent buried. snail sometimes twists in its shell towards the breathing hole.
mid-term symptoms:
deeply retracting, snail can still be woken up but will only stay out for brief periods of time. loss of weight, body begins to look too small for the shell. snail struggles to pull the shell around. you may find the snail upside down where it has retracted and fallen to the floor. shell loses colour/becomes lighter and more 'bleached looking'
at this stage in a few cases the snail has actually eaten a little for a few days, which seemed to suggest the snails were getting better. it didnt last :(
near-death symptoms:
even deeper retraction probably due to the decreased weight and size of the body. hard to wake up even with a lot of attention and stimuli. snails takes longer and longer to stir and retracts again almost immediately.

Q: what are some cures to drs?
A: two common methods that could help are a sugar and a green tea bath! your snail could die, though :(( but as long as its still alive it can recover haha ! it is also recommended to give a bit more protein than usual and to avoid nutrient dense veggies !

Q: how do i give my snail a sugar bath?
A: you mix a very small amount a sugar with water and then bathe the snail with drs! another common method is to use very weak green tea ^^ (a sugar bath is a remedy that shown to help with deep retraction syndrome)

Q: how do i give my snail a green tea bath?
A: brew green tea (plain green tea, no flavors or additives) using snail-safe water and let it cool completely to room temperature. then dilute it with more snail-safe water until the color is very light. the final mix should be at least 50% water. then add a bit of this to a shallow dish, make sure it is only a few millimeters deep max because snails can drown extremely easily. you can then put your snail in the dish. dont try to rinse them or anything, just let them sit.

Q: what causes drs?
A: 1. "overly clean" enclousres - just dont do more than mentioned in the housing page and you should be good !
2. weak genes, this is not in your control :')
3. no mites or parasites in the enclousre
source the r/snails discord server
source Aurora's Animals