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snail of the week !!! (21.03-28.03)
charonia tritonis
charonia tritonis, common name the triton's trumpet or the giant triton, is a species of very large sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family charoniidae reaching up to two feet (or 60 cm) in shell length.

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17/03/23 hello yes i am alive
i actually have no idea why i barely updated the site recently ,,,

it could be bc im hanging out more ,, or bc im working on another completely unnecessary but fun part of the website ,,

or its because im just lazy haha

but im back anyways !!!
i have been thinking about japan recently ,,, it is so cool :O i definitely would *not* wanna be a student there ,,, but i love the japanese country lifestlye so much ^^ i think im still gonna move to the english countryside tho hahhaha both are just as pretty and comforting for me

also i found out the prequel of the 100 was cancelled and wont be a thing :(((( ughhhh seasons 6 and 7 did this show so bad im like 90% sure that if they never existed the fandom would be bigger and more motivated and we could have had the prequel .. but honestly the director sucks and is a really annoying person so he kinda deserved it
lincoln WASNT EVEN SUPPOSED TO DIE. his actor wanted to quit because that annoying ass director kept on bullying him
but like if lincoln didnt die blodreina probably wouldnt have been a thing so idk sobs

yeah anyways BYE

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im putting a lot of effort into this website ,, so i would really appreciate it if you could link me in your own website or follow me !!
you dont have to ofc,, but it would just help me out a ton ^^

have a nice day !! ^w^