they probably were the best 3 months in my life :))
you make my life so much
better and i just love you SO MUCH.

youre an amazing person and you make me so happy, youre like the most important person i ever met you mean so much to so many people including me and you are the BEST friend, brother, son, best friend and boyfriend anyone could ever have and everyone knows it :))

I LOVE YOU. i cant wait to make a "happy one year anniversary" thing HAHAHAHAH it will happen. im not going anywhere xx BYE

(also do you wanna play roblox after this HELP)

playing that one obby !!
winning the lava
game :D
here are some platycodons !!
(you said you liked them :D)
songs that reminds me of us :DD or you !!

those brown eyes by beetelbug (HAHAH SORRY I HAD TO)
glue song by beabadoobee
my dear friends by beetlebug
hallows eve masquerade by beetlebug
strawberry blond by mitski
lemon boy by cavetown
embers by beetlebug
treehouse by alex g and emily yacina
anything by adiranne lenker
rises the moon cover by egg (i dont really like the original)
mechanical by beetlebug
i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys (JHSSJSJ I HAD TO.)

list of things i wanna do with you !! (just writing for fun :D)

- get 3 giant african land snails ofc
- baking date!!! i
wanna bake challas with you <3
- hug. A LOT.
- play minecraft with you just us in a calm and pretty little place where we can build a house and a farm and have cute lil pets and go on silly adventures together :D
- cooking with you !!! youre like really good at cooking and idk any recipies okay. i like cooking but idk what to cook help
- hang out with haley and ruby !!!
- when i get better at crochet i wanna crochet a lot of things for you :D
- i really wanna at least live closer to you so i could actually help you more than jsut texting
- hiking in a forest with you and collecting mushrooms :0
- stay with you hjsj
- going to a pretty wildflowers field and picking flowers !!! and maybe drying them afterwards or making flower crowns :D
- having a LOT of plants idk why i just want a lot of plants hahahsj
- ft while watching a movie !!! ( i actually really wanna watch titanic with you already but we have like not time ;-;)