this site's manifesto !! also yes ik manifestos dont work like that but let me have my fun

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this website ( is a website about snail care and information, and was made for anyone who was interested in snails.
it was created on the 21th of dovember, 2022 and added to neocities on the 4th of december, 2022 (hosted on before).

although this website was created for snail care information, it has also become a personal and fun website for myself, anyone and especially snail lovers and owners.

1. this website was made with love and to help snail owners who couldnt find information online. it organises all correct (since there is a lot of misinformation on the web) information into one, organised website.

2. this website is and forever will be completely free, with no ads whatsoever. i will never profit any money from it. im only doing it for my own enjoyment and to help others, and i plan on it staying this way. i will not create any paypal account, nor will i include a 'tips' option. not that its bad or that the websites who do offer these are, i just dont want the website to become professional by any means. it is simply a silly little website for silly little snail owners. i am also having a very hard time sounding serious rn send help

3. this website will not be shut down or deleted (unless its up to neocities, the host), but in case it will, you can always look it up on the wayback machine. i tend to archive the site weekly.

4. this website by no means will allow or promote hate , discrimination , violence , harassment , nudity , triggering content , assault , or any other way of harm

5. i will try my best to remove any misinformation that somehow found it's way into this website, but i cannot guarantee you that all of the information on this website is 100% true. the vast majority of it is, and i would still trust it, but snails arent a very popular animal for researchers to, well, research on, so there is many information that is lacking and could be wrong. also, i might have made a mistake somewhere, and thats okay. feel free to correct me !!!

if you have any suggestions or information you can add to help the website, i would appreciate it a lot! you can simply mail me [] or message me on discord [toha#4871].

that is all ! thank you for reading !! ^^

have a nice day !! ^w^