ai gaf won op in, ba ai nomon hod in ai en ai hod in ai nomon yes i know im a bit too obsessed with this show , but its really comforting to me and its my website so shush i cant really keep everything to myself. but i also find it too hard to actually talk to a real person.
ive been seeing a psyschologist , shes good but i just find it so hard to say things out loud. there are some things that i just nodded to or just texted her because i couldnt say it , but some things i cant even text to someone that i know will read it and will talk about it to me.
so i figured ; i have a website. its basically just talking to myself but anyone can join my conversation. that seems like a good idea to me , idk

i also figured none of you speak trigedasleng or any of my languages , so if theres something i really dont anyone to know , i could always just say it in one of them. if you read this , youre bored. go do stuff , homeworks , eat , drink , read a book, take care of yourself , you need it