achatina achatina         

achatina achatina common name giant african snail , giant tiger land snail family achatinidae origin west africa adult size roughly 18cm (7.1 in) temperature 24 to 26°C (75.2 to 78.8°F) humidity 75-90% variation (1-5) 2 extinction (1-5) unknown (probably 1 tho) legality illegal in the US and israel life expectancy 5-6y average, up to 9y
they are herbivores, but do sometimes eat small insects for calcium and protein in nature.
they can lay up to 1200 eggs a year !! (notice: up to ,, doesnt mean they will actually lay 1200 eggs a year haha i mean they could but not necessarily of course!)
they are considered a serious pest when introduced to non-native ecosystems.