archachatina bicarinata         

archachatina bicarinata common name obô giant snail family achatinidae origin são tomé and príncipe and the gulf of guinea (west africa) adult size unknown temperature 22 to 26°C (71.6 to 78.8°F) humidity 80-95% variation (1-5) 3 extinction (1-5) 3 legality illegal in the US and israel life expectancy unknown
their shell can reach up to 11.7 to 13.5 cm (4.6 to 5.3 inch).
they likes soft fruits like mangos, bananas and taro.
this species is unfortunately unpopular and very unknown :') i found it very hard to find the information listed here
they are an endangered species and are very crucial and important to the people of são tomé and príncipe, and there are lots of efforts trying to save them.