frequently asked questions         

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my snail suddenly only has 1 eyestalk, it used to have two!

that is okay haha !! they sometimes hide them ,, but if it doesnt show up again after like a few days ,, that is concering to me and i would check it out in a snail forum website ! ^^

my snail grew some puffy thing around the lip of his shell ,, is it okay???

its all good !!! your snail is just snorny ,, now you know its in its ✨mating era ✨

my snail's shell is broken :(( what do i do?

calcium ! make sure your snail has a constant supply of calcium (even if its shell isnt broken , they still need calcium) ,, your snail will slowly heal ^^ i had (still do its just that his shell is not broken anymore haha) a snail with a broken shell and he healed in like a month so dont worry about it ! as long as its not too bad it wont be a long process :D


does it eat less than usual? did it retract? is its body disconnected from its shell? does it smell? is it hard to touch? these are all signs of death. i am so sorry :(

is it okay if my snail buried itself in the substrate?

yeah, that is normal and completely ok ^^ they usually do it to cool off!

can my snail live with other snails/can my snail live by itself?

yes and yes. snails arent really social creatures, they dont have the intelligence it takes to even understand what a friend is. the only difference is that the snails might be more active because of competition for food and they would also mate a lot more. you might need to quarantine your snail if its a baby and or if its wild caught !

what (types of) enclousres are okay?

storage boxes are recommended as long as you make ventilation holes ! faunarium are ok and cheap, but arent great for humidity, as they have a lot of ventilation and theyre designed for animals who need lower humidity. reptile terrariums and fish tanks are recommended, but are usually more expernsive (not always! also a second hand one will obviously be much cheaper) , and fish tanks tend to have holes in them so the snails might be able to escape! so personally i find reptile terrariums to be the best ^^ (BUT if you are looking for something cheaper ,, i think you should go for storage boxes !! just again make sure to add ventilation holes <3)

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add more questions !!! ask anything :D (as long as its snail related of course)